Shooting a Chicken is Hard Work.

Over Christmas, I gave my 9 year old niece my Flipcam and asked her to film a message to send to her aunt & uncle in Alaska.

This clip may or may not be a budding documentary filmmaker, but my favorite part is her immediate recognition that she’s set out a hard task for herself. She simultaneously tries to feed her chickens, get them to look at the camera, and steady the camera to get a good shot of said chickens. “It’s hard to do this.”

Yes, it is. The equipment might be cheaper and smaller but a story is still a story. And getting it is hard work. Even a 9 year old can see that.

At least Grandpa stands still. (The chicken-frying is just filmmaking serendipity.)

About rivetingpictures

I am a documentary filmmaker living in Chicago. I was the series producer of Y’ALL VERSUS US: HEAD 2 HEAD, an episodic documentary series shot over four months in rural Mississippi. A co-production between Young & Rubicam and Moxie Pictures, it aired nationwide on Fox Sports in 2010. I produced and directed TOWN AND COUNTRY (Milwaukee International Film Festival premiere 2009), co-producer and co-director of ALMOST HOME, which was part of the 2006 ITVS Independent Lens series; producer, director and editor of the documentary ORACLE OF OMAHA and producer/director of a series of web shorts entitled KILL IT AND COOK IT WITH LARRY. I serve on the Board of Directors for IFP Chicago and as committee chair for the IFP Producers Series, dedicated to enriching the professional experiences of Midwestern filmmakers. I have produced and filmed in Tanzania, Haiti, Australia, New Zealand, the former Yugoslavia and throughout America and Western Europe. I was one of 12 international filmmakers accepted in the HotDocs Film Festival’s DocLab in 2009 and is currently in Italy shooting a series of three documentary shorts exploring the artistry and craftsmanship of Venice’s chefs, painters and gondoliers.
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