Frederick Wiseman is a cute, wizened genius!

BOXING GYM (Frederick Wiseman) is, like all Wiseman films, a very simple (and yet oh so complex!) portrait of a social structure. In this case, it’s a boxing gym in Austin, Texas. First of all, it made me want to take up boxing. Minus the getting hit in the face part. And then it made me want to go make a movie. I am constantly reminded when I watch great documentary filmmakers that your story is usually not fancy. Your story is/should be right there in front of you. So park your ass (and your camera) and just let it unfold, for god’s sake.

And of course that’s Wiseman’s brilliance.

In the brief Q&A after the film, someone asked him what sound equipment he used. His answer? “I use a Sennheiser 416 mic attached to this stick called a boom pole. And I’m attached to the other end of that.” I love that sort of simplicity. And complexity.

About rivetingpictures

I am a documentary filmmaker living in Chicago. I was the series producer of Y’ALL VERSUS US: HEAD 2 HEAD, an episodic documentary series shot over four months in rural Mississippi. A co-production between Young & Rubicam and Moxie Pictures, it aired nationwide on Fox Sports in 2010. I produced and directed TOWN AND COUNTRY (Milwaukee International Film Festival premiere 2009), co-producer and co-director of ALMOST HOME, which was part of the 2006 ITVS Independent Lens series; producer, director and editor of the documentary ORACLE OF OMAHA and producer/director of a series of web shorts entitled KILL IT AND COOK IT WITH LARRY. I serve on the Board of Directors for IFP Chicago and as committee chair for the IFP Producers Series, dedicated to enriching the professional experiences of Midwestern filmmakers. I have produced and filmed in Tanzania, Haiti, Australia, New Zealand, the former Yugoslavia and throughout America and Western Europe. I was one of 12 international filmmakers accepted in the HotDocs Film Festival’s DocLab in 2009 and is currently in Italy shooting a series of three documentary shorts exploring the artistry and craftsmanship of Venice’s chefs, painters and gondoliers.
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